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Top 5 Sweets places in Batavia

By Angelyce House 

Batavia has many restaurants that have yet to be heard off, and restaurants that have made top 5 in being the best. Instead of going straight into some place new it’s always nice to have a little in sight and or opinion about this place. Below I listed the top 5 sweet treat places in Batavia, telling you a little bit about these places and why they ranked this way. 

  1. Crumble Cookie 

Crumble Cookie bakes their cookies fresh everyday, so they’re always warm and just out of the oven. They also offer a wide variety of different cookies with a new and special flavor cookie everyday. Their cookies are not just big, they’re huge. They are around the size of your face, guaranteeing your money’s worth. But crumble isn’t just about the size of a cookie, they have superior service and a welcoming atmosphere in their store. Since Crumble also has a strong presence on social media that puts them at top one. 

  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes

 This place is known for their delicious Bundt cakes in various flavors and sizes. Their cakes are very moist and topped with their signature cream cheese frosting. Again, they offer  wide selections of flavors, from classic chocolate and vanilla to more unique flavors like red velvet and lemon. Nothing Bundt Cakes are perfect for occasions giving them a good booking rate. Their cakes are not only delicious but they also have a charming and festive appearance. With their high-quality ingredients and slightly high booking rate, this places Nothing Bundt Cakes at top two. 

  1. Dimples Donuts 

This donut shop is known for their delicious and freshly made donuts. This shop has been around in Batavia for many years now and is still owned by the same family. Their donuts are always fluffy, flavorful, and made with love. With this shop being around for quite some time now it started to become a local favorite. Although Dimples Donuts is a local spot for donuts, some customers say otherwise. Reviews seem to be lower here and business booms mainly just on the weekends. Dimples donuts have made it pretty far since first opening, so despite their very few customers their delicious donuts place them at top three. 

  1. Simple Sugar Batavia 

Simple Sugar is a retail store. They offer a variety of sweet treats and goodies that are perfect for your sugar cravings. It’s a great place to give in to the delicious desserts. Simple Sugar has a reputation for using fresh ingredients and creating delicious flavors. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere also adds on to the overall rating. Simple Sugar may have the dessert everyone is craving but no one knows about them. Simple sugar is not very common and is quite rare to get a steady flow of customers, but name a sweet treat and simple sugar has it. With the low income but great sweet treats places simple sugar at top four.

  1. Batavia Creamery 

Batavia Creamery has been serving delicious ice cream in Batavia for several years now. It has become a beloved local spot for residents and even visitors. This popular ice cream shop also has a variety of delicious ice cream flavors and toppings. Despite the creameries’ many forms of ice cream and other sweets such as shakes, and slushies, they have had the same couple flavors for the past 18 years they’ve been in business. The creamery is perfect for a quick stop of ice cream, complementing the expeditious service, although they could switch it up. Their lack of change put them at the top five.

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