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OPINION: Batavia’s water fountains not often filtered

By Angelyce House 

At Batavia High School, students are given access to a water fountain refilling station. These refill stations have a filter sensor at the top, telling students if the water filter is good or not. Many people may say water has no taste but I think everyone can agree on the change in water taste when water is not filtered. At BHS I am highly grateful of the efforts put in toward students, although something should be done about the unfiltered water.

There are at least 10 water fountains located throughout the school and two or three of them are properly filtered throughout the day. 

I find it important to stay hydrated; therefore, I bring at least one extra water bottle to school along with my full 30 ounce refillable water bottle because I don’t like the school water.  I asked three students if they drink the school water, resulting in only one of those students drinking the school water and “only when it’s good.”  

“I bring my own water from home but when I don’t, I go to a student services for the water that the teachers drink in there,” said senior Trinity Love. 

Therefore it’s clear to say that teachers have different water than students. It is not just different water but better and more drinkable water. Teachers and students should have access to the same water. This can ensure the quality of the water and allows everyone’s needs to be met. Not that the water coming from the fountains is toxic but it’s unfiltered water in which it does not taste good. Students shouldn’t have to worry about having enough water for the day because the school water isn’t filtered. The filters should be changed or reinstalled and be properly filtered throughout the day. Teachers don’t have to worry about the stress of running out of water, or having no other option but to drink the school water. Why do teachers get freshly filtered water throughout the day and students have to rely on the water fountains to be filtered?

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