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Top 5 coffee houses in Batavia

By Angelyce House 

  1. Starbucks : Handcrafted drinks, Lattes, and refreshers. You name it and Starbucks has it all. Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee places in Batavia. Their wide variety of customizable drinks and efficient service attracts the attention of all the coffee lovers and even more. With more than 10 million customers each day, Starbucks is at the top of the list. 
  1. Limestone Coffee & Tea: Limestone’s aesthetic seating area and lobby brings in customers all over town. With Limestone being a woman-owned coffee shop, this places them as top two on the list. This independent local coffee shop is located at the heart of downtown Batavia, giving them access to many more customers. 
  1. Smarty Pants Cafe : Smarty Pants Cafe is known for its colorful and  flavorful drinks, its cozy little spot that the locals love! This cafe serves not just coffee but pastries and sandwiches. Smarty Pants Cafe sources their coffee beans from a local roaster to make sure every cup is perfect. Since they prioritize quality and freshness, this places them in the top three. 
  1. MOKA Coffee: Moka’s coffee shop is quick and convenient. Moka’s premium roasted coffee brings joy to the city of Batavia, located near the high school. Moka showcases their dedication to quality and unique flavors in their drinks. Not to mention the specialty teas Moka has to bring to the table along with their wide variety of breakfast foods and merchandise, placing them near the top three. 
  2. Gun Barrel Coffee: Gun Barrel Coffee is a lesser known establishment. This coffee shop is loaded with merchandise. Being a veteran-owned company puts the money to a good cause while also showing their passion for veterans. If you are looking for a good old cup of Joe, Gun Barrel is your place, but since it is such an unknown place , this coffee shop is in the top five.
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