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REVIEW: Don’t waste your money on McDonald’s new Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy

by Sophia Nahorski

McDonald’s has introduced yet another variation of their classic McCrispy which includes a piece of crispy chicken on a toasted potato roll, and of course, the classic McDonald’s pickle. But, this new version is like nothing ever seen before at McDonald’s. The Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy is just like the classic McCrispy, but features Cajun ranch sauce and applewood cut bacon as well. You can get the sandwich as a meal, allowing you to pick your size of French fries, and pick your size and choice of beverage. If you do not want to eat that much food, you can order the sandwich by itself. The sandwich also comes in a “Deluxe” version, which adds on lettuce and tomato. I bought the normal version, though, and in my opinion you should stick with what you know and do not get the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy as it is not worth your money in the slightest.

The Cajun ranch sauce was not flavorful in the slightest. The only thing that the sauce offered was spice and a bit of moisture to the otherwise dry piece of chicken. The bun was nothing like what was pictured on the menu board. The menu board shows a very fluffy and shapely potato roll, but as I pulled my sandwich out of the bag, the potato roll of my sandwich was completely flat. It was also incredibly stale and hard to eat. The potato roll was supposed to be sweet and fluffy and offer another flavor to the spicy sandwich, but instead it just ruined it. The chicken was burnt and dry, with the breading of the chicken literally being almost black. The bacon was crispy, but did not go well with all of the other ingredients of the sandwich. The only thing helping the sandwich were the pickles, offering a hint of flavor and tang to the sandwich.

My meal was $12 and for what I got, it was not worth the price at all. We all know and love McDonald’s for being quick and cheap. I paid $12 for a burnt, dry, and flavorless sandwich. This sandwich is not worth your money. Not only that, but the Cajun Bacon Ranch McCrispy left a terrible aroma lingering in the air of my car for the remainder of the night. The smell was so bad that I had to take a trip to Yankee Candle and buy a car air freshener, so that I may be able to breath in my car, causing me to spend even more money. Not only that, I only ate about half of the sandwich because it was so gross, so I wasted more of my money, and food.

Overall, I think the idea was creative, but McDonald’s did not establish it well, it could have used a lot more work, especially the sauce. Additionally, the spice did not taste anything like Cajun, which has a lot more spice and flavor. Unfortunately, I did not taste many different flavors besides an extreme amount of salt. In all, I would give this sandwich a two out of ten, and I would definitely never get it again.

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