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Q&A: Ashaurri Walker, freshman cheerleader

By Evelyn Velazquez

Walker is a BHS freshman cheerleader. Since she was six she has been cheerleading. She has been a cheerleader for over eight years. Something she is looking forward to next season is welcoming in a new freshman and starting on a new team. Walker’s motivation in joining the BHS cheerleading was her mother.

Her performance in eighth grade has motivated her to come back even stronger with more skills and perseverance. Walker enjoys cheerleading. She said it helps her with a lot of things, for example, not being bored, getting over her fears, and helping her with her tumbling, as well. “I mostly enjoy tumbling during the day, it depends on what I am doing, and how I am feeling,” she said. Walker’s favorite part about cheerleading is football season. She said she loves all the dances, and the late night games. Walker enjoys being with her team, “I have a very strong bond with my coaches, especially Coach Myriah. She has helped me with so many things,” she said. Her coaches admire and think very highly of every member in their cheerleading team. They are proud of the entire team in general, for seeing how far they have come. 

She wants to continue cheerleading all throughout high school, and even in college. Walker said she inspires and motivates herself every day to do the best that she can. “Ashurii is a good side base, she is a good tumbler, and has a good attitude,” said Alexa Thompson, one of the girls on the BHS cheerleading team. Something that Walker is really looking forward to is welcoming in new freshmen next year, and encouraging them to continue with cheerleading. She is excited to start on a new team, and make new memories for the upcoming seasons. 

Cheerleading has had a really big impact in Walker’s life. “I like being able to come to practice and having the feeling that I can be myself, she said. She also stated how she can’t wait to see what her future self looks like in cheerleading. Walker really wants to see herself learn and grow, while still helping others. She is very excited to continue her career in cheerleading. She puts a lot of hard work into cheerleading, and always encourages herself to keep going. She loves and enjoys what she does. “I don’t regret joining cheerleading, I think it has helped me grow even more as a person,” Walker stated. It has really helped her grow and changed her mindset. Cheerleading has encouraged her to do better, not only while performing but also in her outside life. For example, school and helping others.

 She said it has relieved a lot of stress in her life. It helps her clear her mind, and feel more calm as well as confident. It has made her feel more positive about ideas in her life. She is always looking at the bright side of things. Overall, cheerleading has had a great impact on her life. 

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