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Review: Chick-fil-A new drink for summer

By Brooke Vande Loo

Chick-fil-A recently came out with a new drink, the Cherry Berry Lemonade. Adding a new lemonade was a great idea with summer coming up. Considering how popular their regular lemonade is, it was a great addition to the menu. 

The Cherry Berry Lemonade contains little pieces of blueberry, cherry and cranberries. You can get this drink as the Cherry Berry Lemonade, which is the blueberry, cherry, and cranberry mix-ins and lemonade. They also have it in an iced tea form which is the mix-ins and iced tea. There is also an iced tea lemonade with the mix-ins. The one that sounded the best was the frosted lemonade which is the lemonade mix-ins with soft serve ice cream making it essentially like a root beer float except with lemonade. 

I was very excited to try the new lemonade thinking it would be just as delicious as their iconic lemonade. Much to my dismay I was rather disappointed in the taste. I think it was a great idea  Determined to find greatness I also got the Regular Cherry Berry lemonade which is just the lemonade and cherry, blueberry and cranberry mix-ins. It is with a heavy heart that I came to the conclusion that It was not worth the price for the size of the drink. 

The drink comes in one size only which is 16oz.  It is actually the size of Chick-fil- ‘s small, however the small Cherry Berry Lemonade costs the same as their medium drink. This is a pass in my opinion. The Cherry Berry lemonade is not worth the premium price because at 2.78 for a drink size small isn’t worth it. 

This high cost drink tastes like overpriced cough syrup, which is incredibly unpleasant. I think the idea of the drink was great. The promise of fruit bites in the cup sounded like a delicious treat.  However, I just wasn’t a fan of the flavoring. There was way too much grenadine causing the drink to be super sugary and taste nothing like the advertised fresh berry flavor, and instead taste like artificial flavor. I really wanted to love the mix-ins but I just can’t get on board with it. The mix-ins made the drink taste chunky and made it have a strange texture. In hindsight, chewing your drink is not a sensory pleasure because of the chunks of mix-ins. The drink also was filled halfway through the cup with ice leading the way to an even lower value.   

Chick-fil-A’s idea of spicing up their menu with a new refreshing drink for the summer was a great idea but I cannot say I liked it. I think that it was definitely a good idea but it wasn’t properly executed. I would rate the cherry berry lemonade four out of ten stars, and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone, or buy it again. Stick to what you know, and order your normal lemonade at Chick-fil-A.

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