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Milwaukee Brewers kicking off the new season

By Brooke Vande Loo

Two weeks ago, the Milwaukee Brewers started their season off with a bang, winning their first series of the season against the New York Mets. Even with new manager, Pat Murphy, the team is killing it, having a record of 8-3 starting the 2024 season off with a bang. 

Murphy was the bench coach for the last eight years and coached at Notre Dame prior to the Brewers. 

“A coach is like  an offensive linemen,” Murphy said. “You know we’re opening holes, they run it, you know, and I’m gonna try to open as many holes as I can. It’s exciting for me to watch.” 

I think Murphy stepping up was a great addition to the team already starting the season off with so much success, hopefully leading the Brewers to back to back division titles. As long as Rookie Jackson Chourio continues to shine in the outfield the team should achieve success. 

According to Yahoo Sports “The Brewers believe that he will one day be the face of their franchise… This is going to be a special kid.” 

He started playing in the minors at 16 and in three seasons he slashed .286/.347/.490, while also being very impressive on the field, showing lots of strength. Milwaukee has very high hopes for his career giving him an unprecedented eight year, $82 million contract before he has even stepped foot on an MLB field.  

Fans are excited to see Chourio join other talented players such as 2018 MVP Christian Yelich who might renew that title, already having five home runs two weeks into the season and averaging above a .333 batting average.  

The team all together has rounded up 23 home runs in just 14 games. Not only is their batting excelling but their pitching is also doing well. Freddy Peratla is second in the National League for strikeouts with 26. 

Overall, this year the Brewers are showing so much growth and already are having so much success with their record being 10-4, leading the Central and the whole National League. According to CBS 58 Milwaukee fans are pumped for the season. 

“I’m saying, 91 games they’re going to win, and win the division,” said one fan. 

They all are confident that the rookies and Christian Yelich can win them their first World Series this season. 

“I have great expectations for the rookies, and the World Series,…… Christian Yelich, if he comes back to form, we’ll be good,” said a fan. 

Overall fans and coaches are super excited to watch the new and improved Milwaukee Brewers, new managers, new players and new fans rooting for them this season, hoping for that division title and that trophy at the end of the season.

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