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OPINION: Batavia should up their game for spirit week

By Angelyce House 

It can be fun but also important to keep up with the school spirit like the spirit weeks. Our spirit weeks not only promote school spirit but bring students together, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

At Batavia High School, the student council and its committees are given the opportunity to choose the spirit week for homecoming, prom, and any other special events hosted by BHS. Not that our student council isn’t putting in the effort towards our spirit weeks, but many students have grown bored or even uninterested in the recent spirit weeks  the past four years.

You may ask, why are students so unsatisfied with the spirit week choices. Many students have put in a request to give the students the option to choose their spirit week. This is so that students understand and are aware of the spirit week going on. 

Not only will this increase the participation of spirit weeks willingly but it makes it more interesting and entertaining for the students. Some students just even forget or don’t even realize there is a spirit week, like the spirit week for seniors last week. With the confusion along with being unaware of the spirit week leads to zero participation and enjoyment. 

 “Our spirit weeks are confusing half the time,” said senior Trinity Love.  The students find it hard to understand the theme of certain spirit week –  for example our wild west vs. west coast. This choice of spirit week was confusing to some students but not all. A lot of students didn’t understand what the theme of west coast was like, therefore resulting in students not participating in spirit week. 

Some spirit week options can also just be uninteresting choices like prom T-shirts day for example. Students love getting our prom T-shirts and getting in the prom spirit but maybe not so much as a spirit week choice. Students like to have fun and get creative with spirit week so making one of those days just a T-shirt as spirit week might not catch a student’s eye.

Although the student council at BHS has put a lot of thought into these spirit weeks making sure that everyone can participate, we should still definitely expand not only the spirit week option but who picks them. With a vast majority of students wanting a change in spirit week, some of us have suggested giving the students a chance to pick spirit week. The participation in the spirit weeks I feel like all depends on the choice of spirit week. These options should be fun, allowing all students to participate and get creative.  By letting students as in freshmen through seniors pick the spirit ideas, this will guarantee everyone’s participation and satisfaction. This also creates a wide variety of new spirit week options that all students can participate in and enjoy.

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