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OPINION: BHS repairs in need

Batavia high school’s lack of repairs has been affecting its students’ education and how they feel about the school’s environment. There have been many reports of bathrooms not being able to flush or clogging, and sinks not running water or not having hot water run out. Many classrooms have broken air conditioners or dysfunctional air conditioners, making it too hot or cold for students and teachers in classrooms.

Batavia High School should look more into the damages around the school, showing their efforts towards the students. Some teachers have to keep their windows open if it’s too hot in the classrooms because the air conditioning doesn’t work, or have to keep a small heater because the air conditioner won’t turn off or can’t be controlled.

Water fountains are sometimes functioning, leaving students to bring water from home or run out of water throughout the day because they don’t want to drink the unfiltered water. Students claim that bathrooms are always to always be gross with sinks that don’t work most of the time. There have also been reports of bugs in the hallway. By investing or bringing attention to the repairs like fixing the sinks, reinstalling the filters or the water fountains, and new or better air conditioning for classrooms, this can ensure a clean and comfortable education at Batavia High School.

The damages are affecting students and their cleanliness, having dirty toilets and sinks that don’t work.
“The girls’ bathrooms are always clogged and nasty,” said Natalia Garcia.

Five teachers at the moment have to deal with air conditioners being broken causing loud noises.

“I barely could hear my teacher sometimes when the A/C unit was rustling behind me in my class,” said Jordan Anderson.

She also added how when it wasn’t making loud noises the heating or cooling would be too high causing her to be cold or sweating.

“Our school gets lots of money when students enroll and through fundraisers so why doesn’t that go towards repairs,” said Hannah Nolan.

Batavia High School overall should invest some of the money they make towards more help with professional plumbers and HVAC technicians.

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