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Look out Batavia High School: there’s a new musical in town! Directed by Mr. Cattero, the musical Hello, Dolly! is going to be showing on Nov. 13-16. There is even a free student showing on Nov. 12. Come support Batavia High School, your friends in the musical and the music department by coming to see this thrilling musical!

“This musical is different than others because it isn’t such of a big production – a bit smaller- but has a big impact,” senior Molly Frederick said.“There is different acting and music and also a different setting.”

According to Stage Agent, in the musical Hello, Dolly!, the main character, Dolly Levi, plays matchmaker. Frederick, a senior who is Dolly in the musical, said, “Dolly is sassy, in your face and outwardly confident. She’s broken on the inside and is trying to fix herself while being invasive towards other people.” Her goal is to get everyone paired up, meanwhile most of all, finding someone for herself. Dolly is a independent woman, but is ready to find love again. That special someone turns out to be Horace Vandergelder: a wealthy and reliable man who ends up being Dolly’s client.

“Hello, Dolly! is a comedy where Dolly uses her tricks to get a man to fall in love with her and gets involved in other people’s love lives,” said Mr. Cattero.

Being a freshman can be tough at first, but finding a group to be with always helps. Meghan Tucker, a freshman at Batavia High School, is part of the ensemble and gets to dance quite a bit.

“My first high school musical has been a lot of fun and I’m most excited for the experience and the show,” Tucker said.

For anyone who is hesitant to audition for anything in the theater department, sophomore Ian Samsami said being in theater has been beneficial to him during his high school years.

“Go for it. Live life to the fullest because otherwise you’ll regret it,” he said. “Theater is time-consuming, but totally worth it.”

Mr. Cattero wants people who are nervous to know that, “the Directors are more nervous than you are. They want to find people to fit the role. The bottom line is, sometimes a person could really fit that role, so go with your heart and show what you can do.”

Will Dolly get to find love or only get to see the people she matched be happy? Looks like this musical will be full of laughs, twists and fun. Come and watch the performance of Hello, Dolly! to support your peers and music friends!

-Natalie Delcorps

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