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In honor of Homecoming week, reporter Natalie Delcorps asked Batavia students about their favorite Homecoming event.

“I love the themes and how we have a different theme every day.” – senior Ali Lillig

“I’d have to say…the pep assembly. It’s fun when each grade represents their class and I love drumline as well!” – senior Courtney Uberas

“I would say that I’m most excited for my first pep rally. All my sister talks about is how great homecoming week is. It’s the greatest week of the year, other than the weeks we have off. But she says that the pep rally is just so much fun to watch and be loud and I’m just really excited to see what she’s been talking about for the last 4 years.” – freshman Maddie Ross

“Spirit is my favorite part because it’s the one time that you can be enthusiastic about school!” – junior Samantha Walter

“Dancing with my girlfriend at homecoming. Although I think they should have more music to go with the theme. That would be really cool.” – senior Ben Cunnar

“The Pep Rally is my favorite part, especially the drumline. Also theme day. For this Homecoming week, I’m going to wear a cape!” – senior Kelsey Buckley

“Just having fun and being with friends, just a joy to dance and yea BHS ROCKS” – senior Chris Narup

“My favorite part is the school spirit. It makes me happy.” – junior McKenna Hulen

“The pep rally.” – senior Clara Riedl

“There is a lot of good energy throughout the building.” – senior Teresa Molina

“The game.” – senior Jake Birkhaug

“My favorite thing about Homecoming week is seeing all the crazy outfits worn during each themed day.” – senior Anthony DiSerio

“I like the dress like your theme day.” – junior Abigail Mrenna

“I’d have to say definitely the school spirit that is shown. Or the pep rally because it just gets everyone pumped up.” – junior Taylor Churney

“Everyone likes the drumline.” – senior Ayarri Moore

“Theme day because it’s your time to go crazy. Especially senior year because it’s your last chance to have a lot of fun.” – senior Lindsay Langstaff

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