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By Matt Cuartero

The varsity volleyball team is 4-5, 2-0 in Upstate Eight conference play. However, with a 25-20 Homecoming win against Larkin on Tues., Sept. 9, the Varsity Batavia girls snapped a losing streak to Larkin that dates back to 2011.

The beginning of the game saw a lot of good setups by the team in general, and a good amount of saves by both senior Maddie Jaudon and junior Sam Bradle. During the entire game, Larkin lagged behind Batavia in both the first and second rounds. The entire game, the intensity of the match was apparent, and there was a lot of good kills (legal scored points) by senior Anna Clausen by the end of the game. The victory was sealed in the 2nd round by 2 spikes on the Batavia’s side from Clausen, and a fumble on one of Larkin’s outside hitters lost another point to Batavia.

We interviewed Clausen, the volleyball captain and middle hitter for the team, for the closing comments on the Homecoming Volleyball game. She had six kills in total during the entire game.

Q: How much were you looking forward to this game? I know that the Homecoming game are always exciting. What were you looking forward to?

A: I was mostly looking forward to the intensity of the match, I was really excited about that during the week. Also, this is a conference game, so this is a very important match for us.

Q: Tell me about Larkin. Were you confident in going into the game?

A: We were pretty confident about going into the game, Larkin is a very competitive team and we needed to keep up the confidence. I don’t want to say we were cocky but we needed to have the confidence to win.

Q: It is important for athletes to work hard. What do you want to see in terms of work ethic, as the captain, as the season progresses?

A: I just want to see everyone work hard in practice, because in the end it will result in better game performance.

The team is ready for more competition and the next game will be today, September 11, 2014, Thursday, at Naperville North, 4:30 PM.

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