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By Grace Borchert

School started a couple months ago and numerous freshmen are just getting used to BHS. Adjusting to a new school can be difficult especially with new traditions they have to learn, one of these new traditions being late start. At Rotolo, where the majority of the freshmen have come from, there was no late start or Bulldog Hour or really any free time in general. All this new time can be exciting and used efficiently but some new freshman wish they could change some concepts of late start.

AJ Siegfried would like to be able to travel from the cafeteria to the library without restrictions. He would like to check out a book in the library but he also would like to be able to see his friends, who arrive later, in the cafeteria. Numerous freshmen, including Cassidy Baumann, agree with AJ.

“I would also like if we had more options in the morning, and I wish we could leave the library because I enjoy spending time there before interact club,” said Baumann.

The freshmen understand that with everyone in the hallway it would be fairly chaotic but if people could move from place to place quickly like students do in Bulldog Hour then they feel their time could be used much more wisely.

Another freshman, Sean Adams, finds late start useful, although there are only two locations where students can go there are still plenty of things to do.

“I personally like late starts, because it’s an extra day to either relax, or get some extra help” said Adams.

Although many students like to get some work done in school, lots also like to arrive late as the name implies.

Claire VanTreeck says that she uses the time to sleep in, as do many freshmen new to the concept most likely because they never got that chance at Rotolo.

Sarah Kroger uses the morning to get some work done in the cafeteria then she heads to Interact Club at 8:00 a.m. Although the freshmen enjoy the new free time they get every morning with late start they still have ideas that can improve this BHS tradition.

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