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By Jen Mohorek

Do you love frantic moments that throw you out of your seat in fear? Some horror movies can be embarrassingly comical. We always ponder why the main character makes foolish decisions, and why the actors and actresses possess the acting skills of a squirrel. There are also those horror movies that scare us; they cause us to fear darkness, feel uneasy as we go to bed, and doubt the decisions we make.

The latest horror movie in theaters is called Ouija, directed by Stiles White. The main actors in this film are Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, and Shelley Hennig. Debbie, one of the main characters, finds herself messing around with a Ouija board that begins to screw with her mind and eventually her life. Souls are awoken by the board that eventually kill her, but make her death seem as if it were a suicide.

“She would never have done this to herself,” her friends think. They then begin to explore the origins of her death using the Ouija board, but horrific events occur throughout their journey to getting to the bottom of the situation.

Generally, I feel as if the wide majority of horror movies share such similar plots: the ghost haunts and kills the people living in a house, or people get murdered in the woods. However, this storyline is very unique in comparison to other horror movies. We hear a lot about the Ouija board in terms of creepiness and evil, yet for so long no movie came up with this idea.

Although there is an intensified storyline that attracted several people into theaters, was it quality? Senior Lisa Sortino definitely believes so. “It was probably the scariest movie I have ever seen,” Sortino said. “I thought I kept hearing things in my house that night.”

I have seen this movie myself, and I would have to agree. The events that took place throughout the film were not predictable, hence the fact that there are no other movies out similar to Ouija. If you’re looking for a freaky and terrifying night, go see Ouija! I give it a thumbs up, and chances are you will too.

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