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By Madison Chimack

The students want to be heard! Most think it is unfair that the school decided to block apps from our Chromebooks on September 12, just four short weeks after getting our laptops. Most of  the students are against apps being taken away for many reasons.

The students have so many things to stress about like tests, the loads of homework they have, and projects. The only way they can relieve stress in a healthy way is to play games, listen to music, and chat with friends. Teresa  Mckay, a BHS sophomore, feels very annoyed that apps were taken away. She feels it is unfair that the apps were blocked from all the students.

“The  school should let us have the right to choose what apps we think are best for us,” Mckay said. “Many of us used to have fun choosing a picture for our personal Google Chrome page, which the school used to let us do at the beginning of the year.”

Some apps also helped students be productive.  They used to help us get through school, stay organized and learn.

“It’s okay to take away games apps, but the majority of apps being taken away helped me be organized,” said Bram Borger-Johnson. “It is fair that they took the game apps away. It is unfair they took away every app.”

High school  students like to express themselves. Students need more freedom here at school.

“I  am against the apps being taken away,” said Paige Market, a senior. She has seen students playing games  during class at inappropriate times. “We know we aren’t allowed to play games during teaching time, but we should have more rights choosing apps to play games during break.”

The students have spoken and they would like the school administrative team to give them a second chance.

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