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By Grace Borchert

Before winter break, the song “Crazy Frog” by Axel F was blasted through the intercoms every passing period at Batavia High School. The student council did this in hopes of raising money to help BHS students in need over the holidays. The student council planned to raise $700, $500 to turn the music off, and another option to keep the music on, from which they hoped to earn another $200. The money donated to keep the bop canceled out the money paid to stop the bop so more money was needed to be raised to help the less fortunate students at BHS. Student council  did end up turning off the music before their goal because some special-ed students felt uncomfortable. Even though they stopped early they still managed to earn $300.

Two members of the student council, Joe DiCola and Danny Roman, suggested this fundraiser. Roman said that the Stop the Bop fundraiser originated from West Aurora High School and they shared the idea at an IDSA leadership program that Roman and DiCola both attended two years ago. West Aurora High School was able to raise $1,500 in a year, so the student council had hoped that the $700 would have been easily earned.

Students had mixed opinions on the fundraiser. Liza Shiltseva, a freshman at Batavia High School, said that the song was not too bad but it was irritating if you walked under an intercom. On the other hand, Batavia junior Charles Toth found the song annoying, a quality he thought helped the school raise funds more quickly.

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