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By Natalie Delcorps

Optional finals for seniors? Could this be true? In previous years, the two last days of school for seniors would be days for finals, but this year it is changing. According to BHS principal, JoAnne Smith, finals are indeed optional for some classes.

“In previous years, the last two days of senior attendance were final exam days, when seniors would take it with teacher or if the class had mixed grades, it would be in LRC,” Smith said. “The problem is seniors are getting out earlier than every other grade, and you miss out on the instructional time.”

Seniors generally get out earlier than the other grades. This year for seniors, the last day of attendance is May 15 and graduation day is May 20. This year, May 15 will be a full day. The way finals are broken down is whether or not it is an elective class or one with all different grade levels. If it is a class full of seniors, it is up to the teachers choice of how that class will be tested for a final exam. For speech for example, there might be a presentation, versus a standardized multiple choice class.

“For classes with all grades, (taking and giving finals) is optional because of missing out on learning time. It would be on the Monday before graduation,” said Smith. “Electives that are for all grades will have optional Senior Finals. This way, it is more flexible.”

Some teachers have inclinations that finals for seniors would indeed help seniors prepare for the future. History teacher Andrew Ray agreed.

“If I had to chose for seniors to take finals or not, I would probably say take finals because there is a certain level of responsibility you need to have for college,” said Ray. “It’s not solid preparation for the expectations of higher education. It would hopefully alleviate senioritis because you are still forced to stay involved with the class.”

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