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By Matt Cuartero

Track and field is one of Batavia’s finest spring season sports. Batavia offers one of the strongest track and field teams for conference and sectionals, both boys and girls alike, winning conference each of the past three seasons.

One of the best programs within the sport is the throwing team, which compete in both shot put and discus events. Batavia isn’t known for a very strong throwing team, but five senior girls – Maddie Theuerkauf, Daryn Findley, Alison Warren, Jordan Tice, and Lauren Smith – have stuck with the program for the entirety of their high school careers.

¨It’s very unique to have five senior girl throwers,¨ said track and field coach William Kettering. ¨All but Smith have been in the program since they were freshman.¨

The Spectator interviewed four of the five senior girl throwers at the Feb. 19 co-ed track meet against Wheaton North.


Question: ¨Why did you join track and field?¨

Theuerkauf: My sister was a really talented thrower, and my uncle was a throwing coach. I wanted to be in the sport myself, so I joined when I was a freshman.

Tice: One of the main reasons I joined track and field was to get stronger for lacrosse. I also joined to socialize with friends.

Smith: I’ve always been a cheerleader, so it doesn’t correlate much with track and field, but I wanted to try something different. Coach Hills, who used to work here, really helped out in convincing me to throw for track and field.


Question: ¨What are some of your favorite aspects of track and field?¨

Smith: Track and field is a lot more easygoing than other sports I’ve been in. It’s relaxing, and being a leader is great, too.


Question: ¨Do the workouts pay off?¨

Tice: The actual workouts definitely pays off.

Theuerkauf: Track really makes me a lot stronger, and physically, am in good shape because of the conditioning.


Question: ¨How does Track workouts convert into success in other sports?¨

Tice: I play lacrosse in the fall, and if I didn’t work out during the track season, I wouldn’t be in nearly as good shape.


Question: ¨What kind of skills or lessons have you gained from Track and Field?¨

Smith: Track and field has helped me as a person through the gaining of leadership skills and having more discipline.

Jordan: I do a lot of organization for the team for JA, (Coach Justin Alison) so it teaches me to be responsible and be organized.

Theuerkauf: I believe that track has made me into a more dedicated athlete and person, it has helped me with putting more effort into any task at hand.


Question: ¨There are only two slots for the important meets such as the Upstate Eight Conference meet, IHSA Sectional meet, and IHSA State meet. How does that work with competition against teammates?¨

Smith: I’ve always been a competitive person, against my teammates and myself, not necessarily for state, but for lower levels like conference and sectionals.

Tice: State is a very difficult goal to reach, and none of us are at that level yet, so as of now, we are all working together to get better. But, as soon as we hit that level of skill and strength to go to state, I think that will be the point where we have to kick it up and really compete against each other.

Theuerkauf: I think that conference and sectionals are very competitive, for me, at least. They’re both tough in many aspects.


Question: ¨What is the best part about Track and Field?¨

Tice: I like watching the younger girls get better, because as a Senior, I have felt like I’ve helped them on their path.

Smith: Encouraging other teammates and being a part of everything is really what I love about track and field.

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