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By Kenna Ducoff

There has been a little controversy over the past few months on what improvements should be made to Bulldog Hour in the next school year.

About a month or two ago, a survey was sent out to students and faculty. The results of the survey were almost all positive. Though, students think are some improvements still being made, Bulldog Hour will hopefully continue to improve next year. The goal of Bulldog Hour, is to help students get the help that they don’t have time to get in during classes. As said on the Batavia High School website, the options during Bulldog Hour available to students are: LRC quiet studying, presentations, study groups, courtyard, gym/field house, testing center, and the cafeteria.

“It helps me get more prepared for tests I have in math, or even if I have homework due that day, I can get help with it,” said Makayla Mason, a freshman at Batavia High School. “The only improvements that could be made is that the lunch lines are ridiculously long. Sometimes I’d rather eat the money I have than go in that lunch line, and there is little structure.”

Many students and staff agree that there could be some improvements, but the Bulldog Hour coordinators are well aware, and will continue to make improvements.

“As we are in our first year, we would expect to keep making improvements to the structure and resources available to students,” explained Kristen Stern, a coordinator of Bulldog Hour. “While some students are having some difficulty managing their time and finding a productive place to work, a majority of students are doing all the things we would hope they would do.”

Mostly, parents of Batavia High School students think that Bulldog Hour is a fantastic thing. They love the fact that they get emails showing where the students were using their time. While most students don’t like the idea of their parents getting emails as to where they were during Bulldog Hour, the parents love being able to make sure that they were using their time wisely, and it helps motivate them to use their time correctly.

“Overall, students are completing homework, working with teachers, making up assessments, and finding time to work in groups.“ Stern said “Our hope is that students and teachers find unique ways to extend their learning during this time.”


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