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By Makayla Mason

Batavia High School holds a Fine Arts Festival every year to celebrate all artistic programs that go on at the high school. The types of art on display at this year’s festival were theater, 3D, drawing and painting.

“We hope to include even more artistic-like programs such as dance and foods so they could showcase what they do,” said art teacher Jennifer Melendez.

Even without those showcases this was reported to be the largest group of people had showed up at the art show than ever before.

A student that went to the festival described it as “really busy and there was a lot to look at but the art they had was amazing. I loved the activities you could do too. It wasn’t like a regular art show it was really interactive and fun. I’d love to go back next year,” said Kenna Ducoff an art student at the high school.

The festival isn’t just for students that are in advanced classes. Much of the artwork showcased is from various beginning art classes students take. The artwork is what the teachers find the students did their best on and with the students’ permission their piece would be put into the show. You don’t have to be in any of the art classes offered at the school to put something in the festival. Teachers will allow students of Batavia to offer up some of their own artwork for the show. If the teachers think it qualifies the piece goes in the show.

The Fine Arts Festival isn’t just for show. Each year the teachers choose a charity to donate the money collected from selling ceramic pieces created by students. This year the school worked with the Batavia Food Pantry. The bowls and mugs sold at the event were made by the cultural studies classes. With each purchase of the bowl or mug, you were able to get a treat to go with while listening to story time performed by drama students from the theater programs at the school.

“We thought it would be fun to offer something for the younger kids to do,” Melendez said. “We also thought it would be fun for the drama students to read to them in a more theatrical way and that way we could involve more art programs into the festival”.

The school is planning on hosting another Fine Arts Festival next year as well, but the teachers are planning on making it so that even more types art can be involved.

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