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By: Brendan Jones

Technology is used everyday and brings great benefits. This year Batavia Schools received Google Chromebooks. These have been a great investment.

Having Chromebooks in the classroom allows for a lot more opportunities for both the students and the teachers. The students can use the internet at all times. This helps them greatly because they have a lot more resources to expand their education. The teachers are able to give homework on the Chromebook such as watching an educational video. That would help the teachers because the students would understand the concept better.  Also the teachers can show more documents or examples on the internet. This would help the students learn in a different way. Several students agree that the Chromebooks benefits the students and teachers.

“I believe that having Chromebooks are great benefit for the students,”said Seth Winkle, a sophomore at Batavia High School. ”It  allows them to have access to different ways of learning”

In addition, having Chromebooks in the classroom prepares the students for their job. The majority of jobs in America use computers or laptops. According to the US Department of Commerce sixty two percent of working Americans use the Internet in their job. Having students at a young age know how to use laptops gives them a huge advantage. Knowing how to use a laptop properly gives them a leg up on the competition.

“It is important that kids from a young age know how to properly use a laptop,” said Joanne Jones a tax-paying citizen. “This will help them when they are older and looking for a job”

In addition to Chromebooks helping students know how to properly use a laptop, it helps student become better writers. The students will have unlimited access to the documents that allow them to write. If students did not have chromebooks then they would have to schedule time for the LRC. Then students would not have enough time to write papers. Being able to write papers is very important skill to have in college and in life.

“Being able to write good quality papers is an important quality to have,” said Steve Jones a tax-paying citizen. “Students become good writes having the Chromebooks because they have more opportunities to write papers”

Great responsibility comes with having Chromebooks. The students have to care for the Chromebooks. They have to know where it is at all times they can not drop it. This will help them become responsible students at a young age.

“My kid having a Chromebook has been very beneficial to her” said Marcy Janky a tax-paying citizen. “It has helped her out tremendously”

Therefore Chromebooks have been a very beneficial addition to the Batavia Schools. These Chromebooks have helped lots of the students and lots of the teachers as well.  If you ever have the opportunity to have Chromebooks in your classroom or in your child’s classroom then get them. They will have great benefits and help you very much.

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