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By Samantha Fricano

As a teenager there are tons of different fashions and styles that you can choose to wear to express yourself. However, as a highschool student with no steady income there’s a point where you have to decide what you want to spend your money on. Featured below are, in my opinion, the top ten stores near Batavia to get clothes to suit any style that high schoolers can afford.

10. PINK

Coming in at number ten is Pink. You might not have expected this one to be on the list. Though pink is not my favorite store, it’s a staple in every mall in America and you can see hundreds of girls everyday walking around in their Pink apparel. The reason Pink is set at number ten is because of the prices. It’s not the most affordable store. Another thing about pink is that a lot of their designs are the same with nearly all of their merchandise, sporting their logo in the most visible spot possible. Though they are starting to create a wider variety of clothes, most of the apparel sold is geared towards the sporty casual girl. The closest place you can find a pink store is at the Geneva Commons, around 10-15 minutes away from BHS

9. Hollister

Next on the list is Hollister. I know what you’re thinking, ¨I haven’t shopped at Hollister since middle school.¨ I hear you. However, Hollister has been coming out with new lines of clothes that are more up-to-date with what high schoolers are wearing. Hollister has evolved from graphic tees to cropped tops, rompers, and other trends you could find at stores like Forever 21. Hollister is no longer the store that sells graphic tees that you wore in middle school. The reason why it is so low on the list is again, the prices. Though they do provide sales from time to time, Hollister is probably the most expensive store I shop at. The closest Hollister you can find is at the Geneva Commons.

8. Garage

Garage makes it to number 8, another unexpected store because not many people know about it. Just recently making an appearance in American malls, it originated in Canada and that is where I discovered it. Garage has clothes for a wide variety of styles and seasons for a very reasonable price. Just last week, I bought a shirt from Garage for only $10.50! The closest place you can find a Garage store is located in the Westfield Fox Valley Mall, around 20-30 minutes away from BHS.

7. American Eagle

Another store you might not have stepped foot into since middle school is American Eagle. I prefer to shop at American Eagle for my jeans. I’ve talked to other girls about this and we all agree, American Eagle has the best fit for jeans! They have a very wide variety of jeans. From skinny to flare and Light Wash to dark wash, you’re sure to find a pair you love. Much like Hollister, American Eagle is also known for their high prices. Though I wouldn’t recommend buying a shirt for their expensive prices, their jeans are definitely worth it. Investing in a good pair of jeans is essential to any high school girls wardrobe because they’re casual and go with almost anything. The nearest mall to find an American Eagle store is the Geneva commons.

6. Pacsun

If this rating were based solely on style, PacSun would be rated higher. PacSun provides styles from several brands such as Brandy Melville, LA hearts, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They sell both casual and fancy clothes for both males and females with almost a ¨beach vibe.¨ Though it has a ¨beach vibe¨, you can find clothes there for all other styles as well. The only thing that knocked PacSun down is their prices. If you look in the right section, you can find some great steals but most of the store is very overpriced. The closest mall you can find a PacSun is the Premium Outlet Mall which is around 15 minutes away from BHS.

5. Tilly’s

If you’ve never been to Tilly’s it is a lot like Pacsun with the ¨surfer, beach vibe.¨ But, it also holds a lot of girly, boho styles. The reason why I put Tilly’s above Pacsun is because they have a wider variety of sizes. They have all of the normal sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and they also include kid’s sizes. Another thing that’s great about Tilly’s is all the sales you can find there. Tilly’s sends out a catalog where you can find coupons for the store. Also, on their online store, if you signup to receive emails you can automatically get 10 percent, 15 percent, or 20 percent off your next purchase! You can find Tilly’s at Geneva Commons.

4. Target

Target isn’t typically thought of as a clothing store but for any girl on a budget, Target is a go to. While they are one of the world’s discounted mega stores, they are miles apart from Walmart when it comes to fashion! Target is way more stylish than you think. Often collaborating with designers, most recently Lilly Pulitzer. The nearest place you can find a target is on Randall road which is right up the street from BHS.

3. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is one of my favorite stores to online shop. The best part? You can find most of the store for an affordable price! Sure, some of their merchandise is on the pricey side; but, if you look around you can get shirts for as low as $10.00! Unfortunately there isn’t a Brandy Melville store in Illinois yet, but you can find clothes from Brandy Melville at PacSun.

2. H&M

Standing for Hennes & Mauritz, H&M is known for its cheap prices and designer knockoffs. Whether you’re looking for an item for the season or an item that will hold a place in your closet for years, H&M is a great place to start. It has all different styles of clothing with all different fabrics and colors. When shopping at stores with such cheap prices, something to keep in mind is picking out the right fabrics. A lot of the fabrics used at these types of stores can shrink right after you wash them! The nearest place to find an H&M is Geneva Commons.

1. Forever 21

Finally, coming in first place is Forever 21, inventor of the designer knockoff and the ultimate place for ¨fast fashion¨. I would say at least a quarter of my wardrobe is from Forever 21. They have everything you might want from cute tops to fabulous dresses to sparkly jewelry. Because of all their clothing options, all of their stores are huge, most with multiple floors. Their prices are extremely affordable for high school students and the entire store is geared towards teenagers and people in their twenties. Again with stores like these, always watch what fabrics you are picking as some of them are cheaper than others. The closest Forever 21 store is located at Geneva Commons.

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