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By Olivia Monzel

  1. Daddio’s Diner- Breakfast and lunch in a home-like environment! The service is quick and the food is homemade.
  2. Aliano’s Ristorante- Authentic Italian food served course after course. Fresh bread and specials that will make you feel as if you were in Italy!
  3. Crosstown- Wide assortment of bar food from sandwiches to burgers to mac and cheese! Crosstown is famous for their delicious wings made in all different kinds of sauces.
  4. The Range- Old fashioned food served quick. A lot of western dishes that will make your mouth water.
  5. Panda (Not express)- Authentic chinese food that is made fresh and can be ordered for take out. Panda will make Panda Express look bad!
  6. Batavia Creamery- Assortment of different ice creams and treats served in various sizes. A good place to go with your family and friends when you have a sweet tooth!
  7. Charlie Fox’s- Different kinds of pizzas delivered at your door. The pizzas are made in all different shapes and sizes: Thin crust, double dough, or deep dish. You pick!
  8. Panera- A popular chain restaurant that you can rely on for a good salad or panini! Be exposed to many good tasting healthy options.
  9. Steak n’ Shake- Everyone comes here after a Friday night football game for a milkshake and burger. Open all night to satisfy your hunger!
  10. Dairy Queen- Another chain restaurant with all your favorite ice cream flavors! This is now open during the winter, too!
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