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By Anastasia Gelardi

This Friday is all about the Batavia High School Class of 2018 and their reflections on their athletics, clubs, classes, and overall experience during their first year at BHS.

Freshman year, for most people, is shocking and scary at first. There are so many new things in high school that are different than middle school, there’s so much to get used to. The size of the school, the people, the classes-it’s all a little overwhelming. However, some freshmen have different experiences than others.

Some found themselves easily adaptable to the new environment.

¨My first few days were very easy and fast paced,¨ said Jevon Black, a Batavia High School freshman.

Others found themselves not as lucky, taking longer to adapt to something so different.

¨My first few days at BHS was pretty scary, being at the bottom of the pyramid and not knowing where to go or how the day went,¨ said Marissa Spears, a freshman at BHS.  ¨I got used to it pretty fast though, and everyone was pretty nice to me.¨

Getting past the shock of the first few days is always rough, but the year goes on, and presents a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs that freshmen face.

There are some pretty stressful and negative things that come with being a freshman, whether it be a class, a school event, the people, the teachers, or something else.

¨I really didn’t like the crowded hallways with people always blocking the way,¨ Spears said.

In many ways, real high school proved to be nothing like the movies to these freshmen.

¨One thing that I didn’t particularly like about my freshman year is homecoming, said Kenna Ducoff. The whole experience was amazing, but I thought the dance was way different than it seemed in movies.¨

The rollercoaster of freshman year did offer its ups, however. Although some things proved to be dreadful, there were still those breaks in the clouds, whether they happened in the classroom, or after the bell.

¨My favorite parts of freshman year have been football, track, and basketball,” Black said.

Athletics and clubs often highlight our high school years, but believe it or not, there are some classes that students love. Some choose to remember their favorite electives as the best class of freshman year. After all, these are the most fun, right?

¨My favorite class this year was Art Class with Miss Melendez,¨ Spears said. ¨She was a really good teacher and I connected with her on other levels rather than just a teacher, making the class a lot of fun.¨

Others enjoyed the challenge of the high school academics, like Black, who said that his favorite classes this year were honors biology and intermediate algebra because they were challenging and make him think to his full capacity.

The Class of 2018 clearly has many different opinions about their first year at BHS. But they all have one thing in common, they’re all ready and looking forward to the next few years in high school.

¨I am looking forward to having more future opportunities, and also I am looking forward to volunteering in the community more,” Ducoff said. “Mostly, I am looking forward to discovering what and how I want to live my life after high school.¨

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