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By Elyssa Hammond

There are a total of 26,394 citizens of Batavia, Ill. Attending Batavia High School, Sophomore, Madison Watson is one of those citizens. Watson participates in two clubs and four sports as a high school honor student.

Besides being an excellent student on honor roll, Watson also maintains a balanced life of church, sports, school, family, and friends.

As part of her church life, Watson has traveled all over South America with her dad who is a missionary.

“He and I have been to the Dominican Republic several times and Haiti once. I have taken a lot of leadership traits from him” Watson said.

Watson wants to go to college on an athletic scholarship for girls’ lacrosse, but she also runs in track and plays tennis for the Batavia High School teams. In the summer to keep her busy, she water skis.

“I started playing sports when my mom forced me to. She did that so I could be more of a social child. Cross country was my first real sport though.” Watson said.

When Maddie joined high school she got way more involved in the community.  Watson always wears a smile on her face walking through the hallways, being a light to those who are down.

“I’m in Key Club and Interact Club. Key Club is mostly a volunteer club to help people in community.  But Interact Club on the other hand works with the school district, not the community as much.”

Not only is she involved with school but also with her family.

“My mom inspires me the most because she really portrays love and affection to the less fortunate, and I want to have that for my life. I also have a great relationship with my sisters, they are some of my best friends,” Watson said.

Watson is the oldest of three girls.

“She a very good role model, one of my best friends, and my sister all at the same time,” said Sammie Watson, Maddie’s eighth-grade sister.   Maddie makes time for her sisters because she cares about their well-being, too.

“I met Maddie in 6th grade and she was such a sweet person and still is she always stays positive and works hard.” said Glenn Albanese, a sophomore at Batavia who is also an athlete.   Maddie has an impact on Batavia and her peers. She strives to make that impact a positive one.

Matthew Wazio is Maddie’s best friend and boyfriend. They have been friends for years now but started dating in January of 2015.

“She’s a good influence and a good role model, she keeps inline.” Wazio said.

Maddie also wants her relationship to be good. By putting forth effort and making time for Matt and Matt doing the same.

“I want my relationship with Matt to be a light, a reflection of God and to glorify him in our relationship with pureness.”

Both have been students of Batavia their whole lives and plan on continuing to be until graduation.

“I’ve made mistakes but I don’t let my mistakes hold me back. I just want to be a light in people’s lives.” said Watson.  Watson will graduate in 2017 from Batavia High School.  She desires to go to a college near home to stay close with her family.

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