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By Rebecca Kaminski

A brand new course, AP Human Geography, is open to freshmen at Batavia High School this year.  The course’s purpose is to “introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface,” according to the AP student college board.  This course was offered as an advanced placement this year instead of the regular course, Cultural Studies.  

When asked whether it is harder for freshman or sophomores to take their first AP class, Megan Kelzer, one of the teachers of this course, said that, “Sophomores will have an easier time taking their first AP course because sophomores already have one year of high school experience under their belt, whereas freshman are still adjusting to the high school setting.”  

Kelzer also teaches American Studies for juniors and has been pushing for this class to become available to freshman for five years.  She is enjoying teaching this class and is very excited for it, as well.  She expects the majority of the class, about 75 percent, to take the test in May for college credit.  

On average, the class is assigned one to two hours of homework per day.

“I am nervous for this class because it will be rigorous and hard,” said Zoe Stone, a student taking the class. “But with preparation I hope to be able to take the test in May.”  

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