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By Collin Cadle

Every month, The Chicago Tribune, chooses an athlete of the month based on internet voting. The athlete with the most votes wins. In our school, senior quarterback Kyle Niemiec won this month.

“I feel honored, and grateful to have the people in this community to give me all the support that they give me,” Niemiec said. “I couldn’t do it without all the people on my football team.”

Niemiec has thrown for 1869 yards and 13 touchdowns, completing 66 percent of his passes.

“I am very proud of my city and I’m very happy to have the teamI have. I cherish everyone that is on my team.”

Over 20 student-athletes competed against Niemiec in The Chicago Tribune competition, yet he won by more than 15 percentage points.

“I am really determined as a person,  which allows me to succeed in school,” Niemiec said. “The community supports us. And we have absolutely the best community that we can have.”

Niemiec said that he has always loved football. In the beginning of his athletic career, he started with baseball, and still plays shortstop for the Bulldogs. He was also gifted in basketball. But ever since he was little, he loved football.

Niemiec is currently being recruited by many different colleges, but he is uncomfortable sharing the specific schools.

Niemiec gave a shout out to Coach Sean Anderson, calling him “the best QB coach out there.”

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