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Tyler Tamplin Q&A: Batavia guard on upcoming season and expectations

By Andrew Costigan

Basketball season starts in a week and Batavia’s team is excited to take the court again after finishing with a 15-14 record last season. Batavia has nine returning seniors playing this season and hope to use this depth to continue to improve and make Batavia a basketball powerhouse. The Spectator was able to talk to Tyler Tamplin, a senior basketball player for the Bulldogs, and ask him a few questions about this upcoming season.

Q: Coming in to your senior season what do you hope to accomplish individually and as a team?

A: Individually, I just want to make myself as good as a player I can be in my last year and do whatever it takes to help the team win. The team as a whole is all that’s important and I just want to do my best to make the team better.

Q: What kind of work has been put in by you and the team in order to improve?

A: This off season everybody has been working really hard. Everybody was in the weight room, getting shots up, and working on ball handling everyday. And as for the football guys who can’t be with us they’re going to end their season on a great note and we know they’ll be ready to go when they come back.

Q: Last year, the team finished with a 15-14 record. Obviously you hope to improve, but do you think this group of guys can do it?

A: This team has a lot of potential and we know we can be good. There’s going to  be some inexperience and lack of size but we know we have the pieces to have a good season, a 20-win season.

Q: What will be the biggest difficulty this season after losing players Chasen Peez and Danny Pieczynski?

A: Yeah we definitely lost some key components to the team from last year and most of our size but we think we have the pieces to fill those roles like Johnny Fitch and Mike Fee. We’ll adapt to our team and use our skill set to our advantage.

Q: Do you have any last comments about this upcoming season?

A:  I’m just looking forward to get my senior season started. We’re going to be good this year. We’re going to be a really tough team to beat.

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