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By Erin Smothers

According to DailyMail, 90 percent of teenagers are unhappy with their body shape. Another 15 percent of teenagers are depressed. This week, The Spectator interviewed 15 students and asked what they’d change about themselves.

Every subject wanted to change themselves personally rather than physically. Still, the majority of teens would rather change their personality. Seeing a change in their personality was more wanted than wanting a physical change.

75 percent of the people interviewed realized that self improvement affects everybody around them. For instance, when asked how would the change benefit you, one responder said,  “It’d make me feel better about myself.” When asked how it would benefit  people around them, that same responder said, “It’d make them feel more appreciated and it might make them  nicer.”

Every subject said they wanted to help others, but by helping themselves first. 85 percent of teens don’t experience depression. Self improvement aids your confidence and can help support other’s insecurities.

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