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By Maria Poling

I wanted to know what other freshmen thought was different in high school than middle school and what was the same. For me, I thought the cafeteria food and the bathrooms are different. There’s more people especially tall people in high school than their was in middle school. We can also eat outside or in the hallways during lunch. What I thought was the same was  hanging out with some of my friends in middle school. So, I asked other freshmen this question and here’s what they responded.

What freshmen thought was different

Lily Zofkie: “I thought it was going to be bigger and harder to get around places and have loads of homework and have a heavy backpack but it’s not.”

Sarah Maher: “There are more people in the school and in hallways.”  

Nataleigh Rix: “What’s different I think that everybody is nicer than I thought they would be to freshmen.”

Allie Bahlmann: “I thought I was going to walk into all the wrong classes and always be late because of how big the school is.”

Kaelyn Murray: “In high school, we automatically seem like we’re much older than we were just a few months ago. And in high school we have a lot more freedom and responsibilities.”

Samantha Segui: “There Are nine periods in middle school and in high school there are only four periods. Their are more freedom! Also, there’s Bulldog Hour.”

Madi Brasch: “We have more freedom. The days are shorter than middle school.”

What freshmen thought was the same 

Lily Zofkie: “The grading system is the same.”  

Sarah Maher: “I didn’t really have expectations for high school so I don’t really know.”  

Nataleigh Rix: “The difficulty of the classes is the same.”

Allie Bahlmann: “I didn’t really expect it to be the same.”

Kaelyn Murray: “You still have to get good grades and do homework, and attend all of your classes. There’s not a lot of things that are the same in high school because we’re surrounded by a lot of new/older people and new opportunities.”

Samantha Segui: “We still have to attend school.”

Madi Brasch: “I still have some of my friends that I had in middle school.”   

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