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OPINION: Bulldog Hour should stay

By Maria Poling

Bulldog Hour is a great use of time to do homework, test retakes, and meet with teachers. But not all students are meeting with teachers or doing homework. Some students aren’t checking in with classroom using the barcodes and because of this Bulldog Hour may be removed. I think the reason why some of the students aren’t using their time is because not everyone has homework or tests coming up.

Personally, Bulldog Hour does help me because it gives me this time to do my homework that I didn’t do and I can ask teachers questions for a test that is coming up. But it also allows me enough freedom so I can hang out with some of my friends.

“Bulldog Hour should stay because not only me but other students use that time to get help with teachers and get homework done and projects done by other people,” said Lily Zofkie.  “This helps me a lot because I can get work done and a reasonable amount of time with resources.”  

Bulldog Hour might not be useful for everyone in the school but it does help some students. According to a survey compiled by Spectator staff reporter Collin Cadle, 97 percent of 148 students polled said that they hoped Bulldog Hour would stay. 

“It helps me because it gives me a chance to get my work done and you can ask your friends for help on your homework,” said Kaeyln Murray

Even though Bulldog Hour is a good resource, some students are hanging out with teachers because they have nothing else to do.

“I love that students have the freedom to go where they need but for the students that do not need additional help, I wish there were more options for things students can do if they do not need additional help,” said math teacher Susan Fricke. “Having them hang out in classrooms is great for creating student/teacher relationships but it can get distracting for the students who do need help.”

There can be some improvements that can make it better. Personally, I think there needs to be more activities like doing clubs or going outside and playing sports games. Also, teachers should start enforcing students to sign in with the QR codes because not everyone are signing in because they either forgot or they don’t know how to use it. But, I don’t think Bulldog Hour should be removed because it helps a lot of students in BHS.

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