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Batavia Scholastic Bowl suffers buzzer beater loss against Elgin

By Bailey Gorlewski

The Batavia Scholastic Bowl team lost a close match against Elgin on Thursday, Nov. 5. The match came down to a buzzer beater answer by Elgin on the last question to win them the match.

The loss puts Batavia at 1-2 on the season, with a win against West Aurora, and losses against Elgin and Geneva. Batavia has its next match on November 18 at St. Charles East High School against St. Charles East and Bartlett.

For those unaware Scholastic Bowl is a team-based activity, where two teams face off to answer random questions in set categories such as literature, fine arts, mathematics, science, history, and miscellaneous. Each question is worth ten points, and there are 24 questions a match.

“Fun, exciting, trivia,” said Coach Daniel Renz of the Scholastic Bowl team when asked how he would describe Scholastic Bowl.

Scholastic Bowl has been called fun by other members of the team including sophomore Michael Henne.

“…I really like trivia, I find it fun,” said Henne, when asked what he thought of Scholastic Bowl.

Both Henne and Renz agreed that the due to the fact this is the team’s first year they will try as hard as they can to get where they get, and then make changes from there.

“This is our first year,” Renz said.” “We have one junior, mostly sophomores, and two freshmen, but I would hope to be in the top half of our conference, and then build from there.” Renz said.

“It’s our first year so we’re going to see how far we can go, and improve from there,” Henne said.

The future of the Scholastic Bowl team seems bright with a current total of 13 members, and more expected to join once cross country season and the school play are over.

“I see a lot of success in our future,” Henne said,“We’re really bright and we’re really young, so with a little experience on our belts we can go far”

The Scholastic Bowl team also has a fundraiser in the works, They plan on hosting a students versus teachers match, with a entry fee and more is currently being planned. Stay tuned for more information on the fundraiser, and on the team. You can also follow the team’s Twitter @BHSScholBowl for more information.

(Picture Credit: Daniel Renz)

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