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By Gianna Kozaczka

You may be dreading this next winter coming up because of how boring Batavia can be. No need to panic! Here are 10 things to do in Batavia when the winter comes and you’re stuck inside.

  1. Have a movie night: There’s nothing better than cuddling up in bed with some hot chocolate on a cold night.
  2. Pick up a flow instrument: Flow arts can take your mind off of almost anything. Start hula hooping or gloving! Most people start their flow journey during the winter.
  3. Go to the Fox Valley Mall: All the stores are nice and heated. You’re going to need to go Christmas shopping at some point, anyway. They also decorate for the holidays and it looks so cute!
  4. Spend time with your family and friends: This is a really good time of the year to get to know the people around you. Make dinner and invite the loved ones over.
  5. Listen to some new music: It’s always good to discover new sounds that you’ve never heard before. You might just find a new music genre that you’re totally into. Listen to flume or borgore, it gets you so pumped. If not, Soundcloud is the way to go! You’ll find something you’re totally into.
  6. Go sledding: No matter what age you are, you should still go sledding! C’mon it’s tradition so get those snow pants on.
  7. Chill in an outdoor hot tub: This has to be one of the most relaxing things to do when it’s cold outside. Enjoy the ability to be half naked when it’s near freezing.
  8. Cruise around your neighborhood and look at your neighbors’ decorations: You know you’ve been watching your neighbors putting up decorations even if Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet. Go check out their long, hard work.
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen: It’s that perfect time of the year to go help out your community! What else are you going to do? (The last eight things can wait).

     10. Just Breathe: Don’t stress about anything. Find yourself and be happy!

(cut down a Christmas tree)

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