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OPINION: Geneva students aren’t that bad


By Jennifer Walton

Geneva is one of Batavia’s biggest rivals, and many people in Batavia would say they hate them. In my opinion I think Geneva is a good school, and I don’t really care about the rivalry. When comes to sports I don’t like geneva sports very much. I like Geneva because I have friends that go there and it’s just a good school in general like Batavia.

Many students and teachers at our school dislike Geneva because either they don’t know people there and they just go by what other people think of the school, or they don’t like them because of the rivalry between BHS and GHS in sports.

“I hate them only because they are our main rival and I enjoy beating them,” said a BHS student polled anonymously last week. “The people on their team, however, are really nice and I like them as people. But from a competitive team standpoint, I don’t like them.”

Many kids just hate Geneva in general because of the rivalry and they don’t like the students there.

“They are cocky, spoiled, and jerks when it comes to sports. I personally look forward to giving them a beat down every year because they deserve it,” said a kid from the anonymous poll.

People also claim that students at GHS are mean and disrespectful to students here at BHS. Every school has meant students in it but a lot of students are also nice there and here.

Geneva is a school that is exactly like Batavia. There really is no difference except the fact that they’re in two different towns, have different students and teachers, and a different school system.

“Geneva is a good school there really is no difference between them and use so I guess they’re ok,” said a kid from the anonymous poll.

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