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By Owen Lehman

Everyone has a pet peeve. Some of these pet peeves are noticing things that certain people do, like bite their nails, pick their nose, and tapping their feet. Some of these habits we notice can either be unhygienic or just plain annoying. This year I’ve asked the question to many students and other random people around my age whether they wear socks to bed. Wearing socks to me is a very strange habit.

Especially during the winter, your room becomes colder and sometimes drier than usual so most will understand that cold feet is a very serious issue, especially in the past three years with the freezing winter. The other day I took a twitter poll to find out whether people consistently wear socks to bed.The outcome of the poll showed that 68 percent refuse to sleep with socks on.

In response to this poll, I received a few answers to why they either did or did not sleep with socks on. A large majority that said they did, explained that when they fell asleep with these foot prisons on they woke up with them off of their feet. So does that really count? I believe that in order to really sleep with socks on they need to be on when you wake up for it to count. It seems to me that a majority of the 32 percent who said they did in fact do this should be reduced to at least half, due to the fact that they wake up with them off in the morning.

For those who do actually sleep with socks on need to seek help from either a professional or peers, because you are one weird person. If you were to sleep with socks on, this could have many different outcomes. Mainly sleeping in dirty socks while sleeping creates some nasty, smelly bacteria that builds up in the socks worn the previous day, and wearing them pre sleep will cause more bacteria to build up causing sweaty feet. When your feet sweat that causes an awful smell that lysol can’t even cover up, and when your feet smell no one wants to talk to you. Don’t be that person. When wearing socks to bed you build up a reputation for yourself and your poor sense of aesthetic, which for the common person means poor fashion.

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