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By Owen Lehman


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Do you ever find yourself bored, broke, and desperate for something to do? Well struggle no more because here are some ideas for activities you can do for free.


  1. Go on a nature walk
    1. one of the best things to do for free around suburban illinois is to find a nice wooded area and explore. This activity does not cost anything beside a little gas, depending on how far you want to go you can walk.
  2. Take a trip to the city
    1. again if you play your cards right you can get away with paying a small amount to get on a train to go to the city. depending on what you like to do your options are endless. Some of the things you can do for free in the city is walk around, Go to one of many parks and landmarks around chicago such as grant park and  millennium. Other things you could do in the city depending on the day is a visit to the field museum. The museum will be free november 22, december 3, December 5th, and December 13th.
  3. Ice skating without rental
    1. Broke and your one year anniversary coming up in December? Stress no more because during the winter, millennium park offers a free ice rink open to the public. Don’t forget your ice skates because their is a 10 dollar rental fee. After you and your significant other are done with skating the Ice rink also offers free hot cocoa to warm you up.
  4. Visit your local music store
    1. Visiting your local music store could really create a new interest for you and another person. If you already play an instrument, then test out the instruments you know how to play and see compare brands. This may result in wanting a new instrument or wanting to learn a new one. Lastly visiting an instrument store local or national could generate good business for local stores, it’s also a good way to meet new people with common interests.
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