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Every year, a big man in a red     Article of clothing        decides whether or not you have been    Adjective     or   Adjective   this year. His name is Santa! If you are   Adjective, Santa will bring you    Plural Noun.    But if you are    Adjective     Santa will give you plural noun.

Every Christmas Eve, Santa rides in his transportation which is pulled by his magic, flying   animal plural.   He travels all around the world to deliver    plural noun    to all the good little plural noun.

Before Santa can deliver the   Plural Noun   you must put up a Christmas Noun. You can decorate the Christmas    noun    with lights, and a big yellow    noun    on top. On Christmas Eve, you have to leave out milk and    noun    for Santa to     verb    .

Santa comes to your house by going down the   noun    . He also   verbs   your   clothing  with    plural noun   while also putting your    plural noun    underneath the Christmas     noun     . But he will    verb      before you wake up.

On Christmas morning, you will      verb      up to       adjective            plural noun


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