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Top 10 movies of 2015

2015 was a big year in movies, from big blockbusters to quirky, independent films the movie industry grew leaps and bounds. The following is a list of the top ten movies of 2015. All of these films are wildly entertaining and deliver a powerful message that deserves to be seen.

  1. Spotlight – $27.2 Million Domestic – This tops the list of films from the past year. It was somewhat of a sleeper in the box office but has received wide critical acclaim. Based in Boston, this story reveals the triumphs of an investigative news team that broke the story about molestation in the Catholic Church. It was wonderfully told and kept the audience on the edge of their seats all the way to the end.
  2. The Big Short – $38.5 Million Worldwide – While it’s certainly not the big blockbuster of 2015, it is a movie you will not want to miss. The Big Short is based on the true story of four groups that predicted the market crash of 2007-2008 and bet against the banks, making themselves a fortune.
  3. Inside Out– over $856 Million worldwide – Disney Pixar’s hit animated movie of 2015 features Riley, a young girl, and the struggles she faces when she is forced to move away from all she has ever known. What makes this movie unique is how the story is told from inside her mind. It is a fun and bittersweet ride that will entertain the whole family.
  4. Mad Max: Fury Road – $375.8 Million Worldwide – The latest installment in the Mad Max series is more action packed than ever before. In post apocalyptic Australia, a woman rebels against the tyrannical ruler and begins a quest for her homeland with the help of others in search of the same.
  5. The Hateful Eight – $60.3 Million Worldwide – This is writer and director Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film. He is widely known for his unusual story structure and long dialogues. This movie is nothing short of your typical Tarantino movie. In this film a bounty hunter and his prisoner become trapped in a blizzard and seek shelter with a group of people who aren’t who they say they are.
  6. Trumbo – $7.2 Million Domestic – Based in the Cold War era, Tumbo explores the world behind the Hollywood blacklist scandal. This movie is centered around Dalton Trumbo, an Oscar winning screenwriter, and his struggles to work in the movie industry under many different aliases after he and his fellow “communists” are blacklisted.
  7. Joy – Just over $52 Million Worldwide – Headed with an all star cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, this movie tells the inspiring true story of Joy Mangano. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in the role of Joy, a struggling mother who becomes the founder of a powerful business dynasty. This movie is emotional and inspiring because it showcases a strong woman and what she can do.
  8. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – $9 Million Worldwide – This small indie film was a hidden gem among the huge studio blockbusters of the past year. The cinematography and quirky writing gives this movie a unique feeling and sets it apart from other movies in its genre. This movie features a highschool boy and his friend who are forced to spend time with their peer, Rachel, who is diagnosed with cancer.
  9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Over $1.5 Billion worldwide and growing – By far the biggest blockbuster and the most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars managed to entertain again. While it may not be the original, it has introduced the magic of Star Wars to a new generation. This action packed film is also filled with laughs and leaves you wanting more.
  10. Bridge of Spies – $145.8 Million Worldwide – Directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring Tom Hanks, this dramatic thriller takes place during the Cold War era. Hanks plays an American lawyer who is recruited to defend a Soviet spy in court and then help exchange him for an American prisoner in the Soviet Union.
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