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Q&A with Luke Rothengass

By Selena Nava

Background: Luke is 16 years old and a sophomore at Batavia in High School. A couple years before he went to regular schools he was homeschooled.  He likes regular high school better than being  home Schooled. Luke has always had a passion for baseball. So these are questions regarding his passion for the sport.

Q)When did you start playing baseball?

“Started baseball when I was around 3 years old.”

Q)Why did you chose to play baseball?

“I chose to play baseball because my brothers played it so I thought it would be cool if I played too.”

Q)What’s your favorite part about baseball?

“My favorite part about baseball is striking people out.”

Q)Why is that your favorite part?

“It’s my favorite part because it’s like a dis to the other player and it makes me feel accomplished.”

Q)What position did you play?

“The position I played was shortstop”.

Q)How long did you play that position?

“I started playing the position shortstop when I was 3 years old.”

Q)What team or baseball player inspired you to play baseball?

“Mickey Mantle was the baseball player who also got me into playing baseball.”

Q)How did they inspire you?

“Mickey Mantle inspired me because he was a lot like me.”

Q)What challenges you the most about playing baseball?

“The thing that pressured him most about playing baseball was his father.”

Q) If you were to play a different sport what would it be?

“If I were to play a different sport it would be football.”

Q)Why did you pick that sport?

“The reason I would wanna play football is because I always found it as a  interest resting sport.”

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