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By Marissa Spears

For the past three weeks students here at Batavia High School have been cut off of their most valuable hour of the week, Bulldog Hour. This time is needed during the school week because of how big of an impact it has on students grades.

When 60 students were questioned how they felt after not having Bulldog Hour for the past three Thursdays, 43 percent answered that their grades were slipping because of it. Bulldog Hour is an important time for students to get help from their teachers to improve their grades or to just get work done.

The time during school is helpful and necessary because of all the extracurricular or sports activities before and after school. Only 8 percent of the students that were asked said that they are available any time of the day to meet with their teachers. 78 percent of the students concluded that it would be even more helpful if this time was offered more than just once a week.

Batavia High School’s administration is questioning this time due to the shortage of people checking in on their chromebooks. To make sure students are in a classroom working instead of wandering the halls, they are expected to scan a QR code located in every classroom.

“Sometimes I am just too busy with the work I’m doing to remember that I need to scan in,” said Batavia sophomore Abby Dvorak.

We received that same answer by 40 percent of the students questioned, 38 percent of them said that they just simply forget to do it.

Marissa poll

“If seeing how many people are actually using their time wisely is such a big factor on rather or not we keep Bulldog Hour, maybe they should have a different solution on how they get their data,” said Batavia sophomore Diana Collins.

This could be a new factor in Bulldog Hour! Maybe the thing that needs to happen is a count of heads every teacher has in their classroom during this hour. If the data that the administrators are getting is supposedly not true then maybe they’ll need to take it upon themselves to decide rather or not we are using this time wisely.


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