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Boys varsity team bonds on Quincy road trip

By Ryann Deutsch

Every year, the Batavia Bulldogs’ varsity and sophomore boys teams pack up and travel down to play the Quincy Blue Devils, for a battle royale of basketball skill and IQ. The four-hour, 280-mile journey is an annual tradition for Batavia and the boys work hard to prepare for the game.

This trip offers a unique bonding experience and it brings the team closer together. The team already has great chemistry which is clearly reflected in their record. The Bulldogs are having a great season this year with a winning record of 15-7. They are also undefeated in conference with a record of 7-0. But at the start of the season the Bulldogs’ were not as confident as they are now.

“We struggled in the beginning but after a game or two we realized that we can play to our abilities and came together as a unit,” said starting varsity point guard Kamontez Thomas. “There has been a ton of doubt in us but we have managed to overcome all of it and show everyone what Batavia basketball really is.”

The trip to Quincy brings the team together and will keep them untied for a tough second half of the season.

“I’d say my favorite part about the trip is getting a chance to hang out with my basketball team,” Thomas said. “Time flies so it’s safe to say that as a team we want to create memories because the season goes by fast.”

Thomas is a starting varsity player and it is his senior year so he wants to make the most of every moment this season. Kamontez has made the trip to Quincy three times and hopes to finally get revenge on the Blue Devils during his final trip.

This year the trip kicked off a long stretch of road games the team has been preparing for. Over the second half of the season the Bulldogs will prepare to travel to Geneva, St. Charles North, St. Charles East and Larkin for conference games.

Most of all The Bulldogs’ hope to grow as a team and reach their season end goals. The boys hope to come out on top in conference and maintain their winning record throughout this second half and the rest of the season.

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