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Three easy ways to eat healthier

By Emily Risner

Students sometimes have trouble with healthy eating habits. Most students prefer to go to junk food because it tastes better. Students need to find quick and better ways to eat so they can stay healthy throughout the year. Here are some suggestions:


  1. Snacks

To stay healthy, someone doesn’t necessarily have to go on a diet. An easy way to eat better is to cut down on the unhealthy snacks such as chips, cookies, popcorn, etc. Eating foods like fruits and vegetables as a quick after-school snack will be much better for the body. Fruits and vegetables don’t always sound like the tastier option, but there are a variety of different ones to choose from. Also, if students do eat chips or cookies, then they should try to consume less at a time.

  1. Lunch

There are many ways that a student can eat healthier during their lunch time at school. The first way is packing a better lunch. Most students put unhealthy items in their lunches when they pack them. Instead of chips, someone can put crackers in their lunch. Crackers are slightly healthier and are still a tasty food to have in a lunch. For the sandwich, the main part of the lunch, it would be a good idea to use wheat bread instead of white. Wheat bread has more nutrients and still tastes great with a turkey sandwich or peanut butter and jelly.

  1. Fast food

The best way to eat better is to avoid fast food altogether, but if a student is out driving for awhile and just needs to pick something up, there are ways to eat somewhat healthy at fast food restaurants. First, there are fast food restaurants that are healthier than others, such as Chipotle, Subway, and Jimmy John’s. At these places, someone can pick what they want on their sandwich or burrito, so that person is able to make healthier choices. If these fast food places are not an option, a student can order a salad. Salads are at pretty much every fast food place, and there are different options of salads, so someone will be able to find a type of salad that they will enjoy. As for drinks, instead of soda, a student should buy lemonade or water. Lemonade and water don’t have caffeine or carbonation, which would make them healthier than soda.

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