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10 places to visit in Europe

By Zoe Stone

Plenty of high school students aspire to visit Europe one day. However, not everyone always knows exactly where they want to go. The Spectator has put together a list of both classic and out-of-the-box choices of cities to visit.  


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an energetic, lively city on the coast of the Mediterranean. There’s something for everyone – Barcelona brags a wide-ranging palette that is sure to impress any foodie, and for the history-lover, there are plenty of museums to check out. The historic buildings are gorgeous, as well.

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is chock-full of culture, with a plethora of museums, art galleries, and historic neighborhoods to explore. After hours, Berlin has clubs ranging from low-key music to all-out raves.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungarian Parliament Building at Night

Arguably the most beautiful spot on the continent, Budapest’s gorgeous architecture will take your breath away. There are tons of shops, pubs, and museums to hit in Budapest, and is referred to by the Huffington Post as the “playground for twentysomethings.”


Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn, colorful harbour of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Denmark’s capital city is known as one of the most charming and friendly cities on the planet. Make friends with the locals while perusing the city’s beautiful and historic squares and canals, and don’t forget to hit Tivoli Gardens, which is an amusement park that’s over 170 years old.

Dublin, Ireland

O'Connell Bridge over Liffey River and buildings on Bachelor's Walk and O'Connell Street.

The thought of Dublin often conjures images of cobblestone streets and that singular hue of Irish green – and that would be accurate. Dublin also has a rich history spanning over a thousand years, leaving any tourist who visits at a loss as to what to see first. Libraries, churches, and the quaint pubs and shops – all of it is worth checking out.

Fira, Greece

There’s no limit to the beauty foununnamed (5)d on the island of Santorini. The sapphire water of the Aegean paired with the white cliffs will never fail to astound you. Enjoy the Greek cuisine while watching the sun set on a beach of black sand.





Florence, Italy

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From the buildings to the marvels inside them, Florence will amaze you with its huge collection of art. Take a stroll down the rustic streets and try the local food, and make sure to enjoy the glorious view from Piazzale Michelangelo.





Glasgow, Scotland

Museums, galleries, shops, puunnamed (7)bs, friendly locals – that’s a given. Glasgow also features fantastic architecture and an excellent collection of live music.





Lisbon, Portugal

This culturally rich city has beunnamed (8)en called “a mirror of a thousand colors,” which is hard to miss as soon as you set foot there. Besides offering an assortment of jaw-dropping monasteries and Gothic cathedrals, it also contains charming side streets.  





Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam's Delfshaven with his Historic Boats

I know what you’re thinking – what about Amsterdam? Amsterdam is great, but Rotterdam is often overlooked. Its constantly changing skyline and abundant museums will win your heart over. Stroll through the Delfshaven neighborhood or sit down and people watch at a coffee shop.


The beauty of Europe only begins in these cities. Each of these ten unique centers of tourism exemplify the diverse cultures and incomparable intrigue of the continent. Discovering new places is a transformative experience for the traveler within anyone, and for those aspiring to explore, a visit to any of these vibrant destinations could be just what they seek.

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