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Six types of high school students

Over the stress of going to school, students often look over the different types of people that make up their school. There are six types of students that make up Batavia High School. Each one of them can fit into one of these categories or maybe even two categories. These are just some facts and tips about each of the groups.

The basic high school student– Students can usually find one of these anywhere they go. Usually they are wearing something with a brand name or white/maroon converse. They make up around 70 percent of the high school population. Some popular brand names worn by them are: Pink (even though 80% of the clothing isn’t actually pink), Nike, Forever 21, ect. If you’re a basic high school student, don’t fret, there is something a little different about each one of you.

Hipsters– This is the high school student who thinks they are not basic but makes themselves more basic by thinking that they aren’t. These can be spotted in crop tops, cardigans, converse, and “90s clothes.” However these are different from the basic high school students because they think so open minded that anyone who doesn’t think like them they can’t associate with. P.S. They usually have a theme on instagram.

Worriers– These people don’t get worried about specific problems they get worried about everything. These people can be spotted as the kid who is constantly running through the halls or asking the teacher questions. However, it’s better to be a worrier than a kid who just doesn’t care, which leads to the next category.

Those kids who just don’t care– Dont worry, worriers. These people just don’t care if their life is a fail. They don’t care so much that they think it makes them cool. For students who just don’t care, start taking some advice from the worriers, because eventually you are going to wish you were a worrier.  

Athletes– These people eat and breath sports they can often fit into the worrier category because of how much they care about physical activity. But let’s be honest: it pays off in the end. Their bodies don’t lie. These people are okay to be around for about five minutes, which is how long it takes for them to start talking about sports. We get it you run.

Lowkey future millionaires These people stay under the radar and don’t fit into any other category because students all know that 10 years from now these people will be their bosses. Keep doing you lowkey future millionaires. It will all pay off in the end.

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