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Quiz on Broadway Musicals

By Erika Knutson

Test your knowledge on Broadway Musicals.

Fill in the blanks with the missing words from the song. Also try to name which musical the song is from and or the name of the song.


  1. Something has changed within me. Something _______________. I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game.
  2. I am not throwing away my shot! I am not throwing away my shot! Hey yo, I’m just like my country I’m __________________ and I’m not throwing away my shot.
  3. Hello! My name is _____________ and I would like to share with you the most amazing book.
  4. It only takes a moment for _____________ and then. Your heart known in a moment. You will never be alone again.
  5. I could be a poet and write a different story one that tells of _____________. And to the skies I’d throw it, the stars would to telling, the moon would help with spelling and night would dot the i’s.  
  6. Do you hear the people sing singing the song of angry men it is the music of the people who____________________.
  7. Ain’t is a fine life carrying the banner through it all! A mighty fine life carrying the banner tough and tall, when that bell rings we goes where we wishes, ____________________, sure beats washin’ dishes what a fine life carrying the banner home free all.
  8. A tale as old as time, _____________, barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly.



  1. is not the same – Defying Gravity, Wicked
  2. young, scrappy and hungry – My Shot, Hamilton  
  3. Elder Price – Hello, The Book of Mormon
  4. your eyes to meet – It Only Takes a Moment, Hello, Dolly!
  5. glory and wipes away the lies – Who I’d Be, Shrek the Musical
  6. will not be slaves again – Do You Hear the People Sing, Les Miserables
  7. we’re as free as fishes – Carrying the Banner, Newsies
  8. true as it can be – Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast
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