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Benefits of extracurricular activities

By Ashley Cichon

Many different extracurricular clubs are offered to students at Batavia High School. They are made available either in the morning or after school, for the convenience of teachers and members involved. Although a lot of kids at BHS are in at least one club, many do not know all of the important benefits that come from extracurriculars.

1. Broadens interests

At Batavia High School, there are many different clubs for students to join.  From Yoga Club to Interact Club, there are distinctive activities to grow passionate about. For many students, participating in a variety of clubs helps them develop more than one hobby. It allows teens to learn their likes and dislikes. Having this diverse range of opportunities benefits later in life because kids will be more open- minded and willing to try new things.

2. Teaches time management

Most BHS clubs have weekly meetings with set times to ensure the commitment of their members. The scheduled time allows students to prioritize their day by doing their necessary responsibilities first, and their leisure activities if time permits. Being able to balance an organized schedule between academics, sports, clubs, and friends benefits teens’ daily lives by teaching values that will help students stay on top of their everyday hassles. Learning these skills will guide kids through life, especially when they are older and have many more commitments to tackle.

3. Increases Bulldog pride

Joining clubs and activities gets students involved with their school. Being a part of these activities give teens’ a chance to participate, which builds Bulldog spirit. When kids are part of a club they enjoy, they will be proud of what they accomplish. Being proud of their club will encourage them to be more prideful of their school and all of its achievements. Not only will they be more confident in what they’ve achieved, but also will be more excited to go to school in general.

4. Builds social skills

Clubs at Batavia High School have many different members with many different personalities. Clubs offer opportunities to get to know each other from volunteering with other members to attending social outings. Having these chances to meet and befriend new people builds social skills needed not only for college careers, but for everyday situations later in life. Basic social skills are the basis for all kinds of relationships that make up friends and family. In order to keep these relationships strong, social skills will be enriched in extracurriculars.

5. Looks good on college application

An important part of a high school resume is extracurricular activities. Most colleges, if not all, look at what a student is involved in outside of the classroom. Being in clubs shows that they are a well-rounded person who is committed to their school, not just by requirement but for the enjoyment of extracurriculars. Colleges want people who are involved because they want to accept kids who will be participating with the school in college. Colleges want a student body that has school spirit, and joins social activities.

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