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Top 10: Valentine’s Day ideas to do for your girlfriend

By Marissa Spears

Are you a struggling to make plans for your girlfriend and you this Valentine’s Day? Well I thought there might be a few boys straggling behind and luckily for you I made this step by step guide on things to help woo your girl.

  1. Bring her flowers

Buying flowers for your girl is an inexpensive way to make her smile as soon as you come through the door. Shoot for roses – roses are a Valentine’s Day tradition. Roses say “I love you” like no other flower, whether it’s a full dozen or just one single rose.

  1.  Buy her chocolate

Even if it is just a simple crush, some cute candy or chocolate could just be the perfect way to turn her into your girlfriend! Who doesn’t love to eat chocolate? Chocolates are a tried, tested and true way to show your girl she’s special, and if you’re good she might just let you have one!

  1. Bring her to a nice dinner

Have your girl dress up in her favorite dress and throw on those old heels and take her to her favorite place for the night! Whether it’s an expensive dinner out in the city or just a casual place near home, you’ll be sure to get a smile out of your girl when you buy her food. If you are home bugs, feel free to cook your own dinner and stay in. Staying in together can be the best way to get some alone time with your girl without being in a crowded place.

  1. Buy her some jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A nice new ring can show the prettiest girl in your life that she deserves to be treated like a queen. She will love a new  piece of jewelry such as ring, necklace, bracelet or watch. If your girlfriend collects charms for her pandora bracelet don’t be afraid to check one out that symbolizes you the best. Don’t worry: you’re not the only lost puppy in that store.

  1. Watch a romantic movie together

After the long day trip or dinner out grab cute romantic movie and a blanket. It’s time to end the night with a nice cuddle with your loved one. Even if it is a chick flick, watching it with her can make her mood go from a 1 to a 10 in seconds. You can even use this time to catch up on your sleep just as long as you sleep silently and don’t let her hear you snoring.  

  1. Make her a list of the reasons you love her

All girls love to be surrounded with compliments, so why not write down a few reasons on why she is significant to you? This could be something as simple as bullet points or fifty two reasons on the back of a pack of cards.

  1. Make her a love note or Valentine

This is the perfect way to say that you remembered the special day without going overboard or spending too much. If you want to make it extra special make the card yourself. Decorate her room with construction paper heart Valentine cut outs! A homemade card will be the way to her heart!

  1. Recreate your first date

What better way to spend the most romantic day of the year than recreating your first date? Go back to where it all started by going to the same restaurant, cafe or watching the same movie.

  1. Take her on a day trip to the city

Taking your girlfriend down to Chicago for the day can be just the perfect treat ! Don’t forget about ice skating at Millennium Park, either! It’s a fun filled gift that is so inexpensive it’s almost free. Oh wait it is! You can show off your moves on ice to your girl or fall gracefully on your butt. Either way, it will be a day to remember for you both.

  1. Surprise her

Who doesn’t love to be surprised? Especially when it’s with gifts of love such as a heart balloon under her windshield wiper or a room full of flower petals. This could be surprise concert tickets to her favorite band or even surprise airplane tickets to a long vacation! Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by starting it off with a surprise.

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