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Five best, five worst things about high school

By Sammy Pinner

So we all know that as a student in high school we always complain and never think of the positives of school. Yes, there are things that students dread about coming to school everyday. But, believe it or not, there are great things about high school that I know almost everyone will miss once we all graduate. There are pros and cons about high school, but even the bad things students will miss once they are out of high school.

  1. Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is a week that students love because it gives you a whole week to be wild and express yourself by getting as silly looking you can possibly get. There are students who go all out and there are students who still participate but not as much. Either way, Homecoming week is a blast.

  1.   Football Games

Students also love the football games. Not only is the football team at Batavia unbelievably good, the football games are the most exciting nights of the school year. The whole student section is completely full during the games which makes them more fun. The more people, the more fun they are.

  1.   Pep Rally

The Pep Rally is where the whole school gets together for an assembly the Friday before Homecoming. All the students get into spirit and play games against the other classes. The students also try to dress up in as much spirit wear they can so that their class can win the spirit stick. It’s a great way for all the students to get excited about the homecoming football game and also the Homecoming dance the following day.

  1.   Bulldog Hour

Bulldog Hour gives all of us students to be able to go get help from teachers in a class they aren’t quite understanding or not understanding the topic they are learning. Students also take this time to study by themselves or study with a friend. A lot of students also take this time to finish any homework they haven’t finished or any homework that you have gotten throughout the day. If students don’t have any homework or need help from any students, this is a good time to relax and take a break for an hour and maybe hang out with a few friends.

  1.   Chromebooks

The chromebooks are a great way for students to finish homework more quickly and be able to get in contact with teachers easier. The chromebooks are a great replacement for the textbooks because we don’t have to carry them around everywhere, on the chromebooks, all our textbooks are on one device so it’s easier to access.

High school has a few things that make it enjoyable and fun to get us through the day. There are also things that every students absolutely hates and would change in a heartbeat.

  1. Starts way too early

School starts at 7:35 every morning besides late start. If you think about it, almost all teenagers hate waking up early in the morning. As a girl, having school start at 7:35 in the morning, I have to wake up at 6:00 to be able to make myself look presentable. Some people wake up even earlier! Waking up at 6:00 in the morning every morning makes students have no motivation to do anything during school. Some don’t even have any motivation to wake up and get up to start getting ready for school. What if some students have loads of homework to do the night before and have to stay up until 11:00 or 12:00 at night? That gives most students between 6-7 hours of sleep! Some students even have extracurricular activities or sports and don’t get home until 6:00-8:00 at night, and then they have to do all the things they have to do to get ready for bed or get ready for the next day of school.

2. Homework


There are some teachers who give little to no homework. But there are also teachers who give loads and loads of homework and expect you to do it all in one night. Some teachers don’t understand that us students have four different classes where we also get homework from other teachers, as well. If a student gets homework in every class and has one class where the teacher gives them so much homework, it’s not fair that he/she has to finish all of this homework and are still expected to do extracurricular activities, have a job, do all their homework, and should still get 8-10 hours of sleep. Sure, having maybe a little bit of homework for every class is tolerable. But having nights where you have hours of homework is uncalled for.  

3. Dress code

For the most part, the dress code is right about not letting girls wear shorts that have half their butt hanging out, or showing their whole stomach. But, most girl students can argue that not being able to show our shoulders, or not being able to wear tank tops is really unreasonable. If a male student is not able to control himself around a female student, who has her shoulders showing, then there is something obviously very wrong about this. Why should a female student have to cover herself up because a male student can’t control himself? A female student shouldn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for what they are wearing, because male students can’t “handle” it. Female students should be able to wear what they want as long as their parents allow them to walk out of their house wearing what they are wearing.

4. Expensive parking

Currently students are having to pay $250 to be able to get a parking spot for school. Students should not have to pay this much to park at their own school. Students don’t even want to be at school in the first place, so why make them pay so much for something they don’t want. Students from other schools don’t pay nearly as much for parking lots at their schools as we do at ours.

5. Gym class

It makes sense why the school makes every student take gym class, but working out and being in gym, isn’t for everyone. A majority of students believe that gym class should be an option. Gym should be an option because it should be a student’s choice whether they want to stay in shape and fit. There are some students that gym class is really not for and really can’t do the things the gym class requires.

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