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Ten best study tips

By Selena Nava

Have you ever had a big test or a mini quiz that’s coming up soon or the next day and just can’t study for your life or you just don’t know how? Well to help you out here are 10 tips to help you study and pass your tests.                                                                

  • “Eat minty things like mint gum or mints”

This helps you out because peppermint stimulates the brain and helps with concentration

  • “Study 30-50 minutes at a time then have 10-minute breaks”

Doing this will help you keep the information that just learned nice and fresh in your mind so you won’t forget anything.

  • “When studying turn off all of your electronic devices”

The reasoning for this is because you could get distracted by a tv show coming on or singing along to your favorite song.

  • “Make a glossary of terms that you don’t understand”

Doing this it should help you learn the words that you don’t know and it’s also good for review.

  • “As you are reading stop and ask yourself questions about what you just read”

When reading a book it’s good to ask yourself questions or make questions so you know exactly what you were reading.

  • “Be prepared to study anywhere and at anytime”

You never know if you have to end up studying at a birthday party or the hospital so be sure to bring everything you need and be prepared for noise making.

  • “Brainstorm with classmates”

Brainstorming with classmates is like another form of review because you all get to put your opinions or what you got on the certain topic you got.

  • “Download the OU Anywhere app”

Downloading apps that could help you study and look up things that are related to school

  • “Drink tea”

Drinking tea will help calm you down when you are studying for the big test you might have the next day.

  • “Reward yourself after studying “

This is the biggest and most fun part. After you studied so hard and pass your tests reward yourself with something amazing whether it’s ice cream or a new top.

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