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6 worst elements of high school

By Carly Simonian

As a senior at Batavia High School, I have had my fair share of awesome, and awful experiences. These are a couple of things that have affected myself, and others, during our high school years. If you are in high school currently, I am sure that you will understand my pain.

  • Waking up at six am: The most painful sound to hear in the morning is the buzzing of an alarm in your ears. It is unreal that teenagers are the ones beginning school at 7:35. Why do elementary school kids not start school until eight? They are the ones with the energy. We are expected to stay up all night finishing last-minute papers and homework, and then have to wake up three hours later, to go sit in a rock hard chair for eight hours, surrounded by obnoxious kids and loud noises. I don’t know about you, but I like to wake up and read a book in silence, not walk down the hallways and have to deal with kids knocking into you, and screaming in your ears. 7:35 is just way too early.
  • Freshman: I know you’re probably thinking ¨okay freshman aren’t that bad. Everyone just automatically hates them because they’re the newbees.¨ No. Picture this. Two minutes left until the bell rings. You’re rushing to class, when you come up to a huge clump of people, minding their own business, and making conversation. The only problem: they are in the middle of the hallway. You kindly ask them to move over so you can get to class, and they blatantly ignore you as if you aren’t even there. These are the kinds of things freshmen at BHS do every single day.
  • Homework: Yes, I understand that homework is a part of life. If we didn’t have homework, how would we learn, right? Well, how am I supposed to balance sleep, sports, and four hours of homework a night? A news article due for one class, a three-page paper due for another, a test in math – when does it ever end? We are expected to participate in, sports, tutoring, ACT work, family time, and do our homework, while getting nine hours of sleep a night? I am sorry, but that’s just not how it should work.
  • Bad Teachers: Coming in at number four, is something I am sure everyone has struggled with at some point. Bad teachers. The snobby looks, yelling, bad grades for no reason. I think my main question is, why would you take a job, dealing with kids all day, if you have an awful personality? We all have to leave our personal problems at home, so why can’t they? Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of awesome teachers that have done nothing but good things for me, but there is no way you can go your entire high school career, without one awful teacher. I have had some teachers that do not even give us tests throughout the year. How are we supposed to know what we have learned without a test?
  • Bullies: These people are one of the worst, and most annoying aspects about high school. Although I have never had to deal with being bullied personally, I see it everywhere I turn. Boys taunting their friends for stupid reasons, girls talking smack about some of their best friends. The drama never ends. The worst are the kids that have the nerve to make fun of kids with disabilities. The other day, I watched a boy mock a kid that was sitting in a wheelchair, minding his own business. They can’t control this. Don’t you think if they could, they would be just like you and me? Some kids just never mature, I swear.
  • Access Denied Websites: What kind of school provides us with our own laptops, but does not allow us to go on nearly any website, most of them having the ability to help us with our academics. Youtube is the main one that erks me. There have been so many instances where I have needed to look up a video for a class, or watch a link that my teacher shared with me, but it is blocked, making it impossible for me to understand what we are trying to learn. For example, I had a research project on drugs and alcoholism the other day. I was trying to research the topic, but whenever I did, the website was blocked because I was searching ¨inappropriate topics.¨ How does the school expect us to learn when we don’t even have the right materials for it?
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